Institutional Clients

Ivy Venture Partners provides balanced guidance

We are skilled in providing superior service

At Ivy Venture Partners, we scrutinize, analyze and develop portfolios and acquire investments for institutional clients such as hedge funds, charitable organizations, corporations and international firms. Leveraging our securities trading expertise, specialist market understanding and experience in developing portfolio direction for clients, Ivy Venture Partners works with clients to identify vulnerabilities and opportunities and take the necessary steps to enhance your position.

Our experience and understanding of the financial industry and its mechanisms is the product of over 11 years of successful operations. We understand that when institutions look for a wealth management firm, they seek out intelligent insight, perceptive strategies and in-depth scrutiny of investments and portfolio structure.

Our experience with global markets and leverage derived from our international network has enabled Ivy Venture Partners to deliver an unrivalled service to some of the most reputable institutions around the world. Our access to global markets allows us to shape portfolios by securing high-value investment targets for our clients. By applying in-depth scrutiny to institutional portfolios, we identify areas for improvement and discuss potential divestments and reallocation of capital to increase efficiency and profitability.

As an independent investment firm, Ivy Venture Partners provides balanced guidance and offers a service dedicated to improving our clients’ position. Our research and analysis focuses on investment options which increase resilience through diversification and which offer long-term stability for our institutional clients. We study the performance of your portfolio and focus on how to improve it.