Investment Process

investment selection process

Ivy Venture Partners has a meticulous investment selection process.

Ivy Venture Partners’ primary objective is to provide clients with a service which delivers significant and sustainable returns with low risk levels. Throughout our investment process, our teams apply exhaustive and comprehensive analysis techniques and modeling to ensure investment opportunities meet stringent criteria set by both Ivy Venture Partners and clients.

Ivy Venture Partners scrutinizes every potential investment target with diligence and careful assessment of internal and external factors, focusing both on the inherent financial value of the company and also the market/economic environment in which it operates.

We seek out unique companies and products which offer potential for significant capital growth. We also focus on management structures and business models to assess viability as investment options. With a strong focus on emerging markets in the Asian region, our researchers are tasked with identifying early-stage investment opportunities. By identifying investment targets that meet these criteria, we aim to take advantage before it has been exposed to the market, thus maximizing yields.

Although our primary focus is on emerging opportunities, clients also receive access to a range of options in developed economies, as well as Fortune 500 companies. Our range of opportunities for clients is vast and advisors guide clients on which opportunities are best for them, given their financial position, objectives and portfolio strategy.