Our Commitment

Why Ivy Venture Partners?

You can put your confidence in us.

Our team of professional experts ensures that Ivy Venture Partners delivers a top quality service through innovative market perspectives and interpretation of investment climate and opportunities. Their ability to successfully work with our diverse client base towards their objectives is derived from their extensive experience and has been the driving force behind our international proliferation.

Our research team spans the globe.

Ivy Venture Partners research team is responsible for discovering investment opportunities and carrying out essential research into the environment, situation and investment climate, as well as scrutinizing the potential of the target. Looking at quantitative and qualitative factors of and around the potential investment vehicle, our researchers ensure it matches clients strategy and meets specific standards.

Efficient & transparent

Ivy Venture Partners operations are dependent upon the key work of our support teams. Departments such as legal, compliance and General administration provide a range of back-office functions allowing our teams to complete transactions and ensure our clients receive a quality and effective service.

Our advisors have over 200+ years collective experience.

The advisory team at Ivy Venture Partners is tasked with working with our researchers to further scrutinize potential investment targets and evaluate the risks, as well as using client profiling to match investments opportunities with clients. Crucially, advisors work to identify clients with whom certain investments would benefit their portfolio and integrate effectively with their other interests. They make recommendations based upon the work of the researchers and work with clients to deploy capital should they be satisfied with the option.