Private Clients

Ivy Venture Partners Put Our Clients Needs First

We take the time to learn our clients needs.

We all work hard to secure financial security and protecting and cultivating your wealth requires discipline, desire and business perspicacity. At Ivy Venture Partners, we understand that our clients expect the same level of dedication. Our investment management team’s approach is based upon comprehensive analysis of the market and your finances, and insightful perceptions of potential opportunities.

We work with clients to develop strategies to increase the resilience of your financial interests whilst seeking opportunities which positively develop your portfolio. Our advisors construct individual strategies for our clients based upon our in-depth understanding of your objectives, requirements and existing investments, directing capital into areas which we believe will benefit your position.

Whether seeking to establish a trust, foundation or just looking to increase the effectiveness of your capital, Ivy Venture Partners generates solutions from our market research to identify options which achieve your aims.

In formulating a unique investment strategy for you, and identifying options in which to allocate your capital, our investment advisors:

  • Review clients’ current investments and portfolio
  • Establish objectives and parameters, such as acceptable risk levels, financial restrictions
  • Establish a strategy and direction of future capital
  • Examine the possibility for divestments
  • Identify target investments
  • Monitor performance