Ivy Venture Parners Has a Global Reach

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to analysis of opportunity.

As a global investment and wealth management firm constantly seeking out new and innovative investment opportunities which offer significant returns, Ivy Venture Partners focuses primarily on Asia, with a particular interest on Southeast Asia and its emerging markets.

We employ our established and comprehensive research and analysis techniques to identify investment opportunities within these markets. Through our methods, we assess the viability of the targets by looking at the economic environment, market competition, risk levels, financial data and other internal and external factors which will affect performance.

Whilst we primarily focus on developing markets to take advantage of unexposed opportunities, we also have established presences in developed markets and economies, looking to beat the market to investments which will excel, increase in value and provide significant returns on capital.

We focus on all markets which offer innovation, consumers with increasing spending power and a conducive environment for investment. Whether in developed or developing markets, we establish presences and networks where we believe the greatest potential for investment opportunities lie.

Currently we have strong focuses on markets in:


China, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan
North America

United States, Canada, Mexico
Latin America

Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru


Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, Spain, Portugal

Our presence in these developing and developed markets allows us to cater to our clients’ needs and our established network within these markets enables us to efficiently identify opportunities and deploy capital.