Privacy Policy

The safety and integrity of your information are of greatest significance to Ivy Venture Partners We view the confidentiality of your personal data as a cornerstone of client confidence. We fully dedicated to protecting your privacy as we manage your information with professionalism and care.

Ivy Venture Partners collects non-public personal information about you through our contacts and transactions in order to support your financial goals. While we don’t divulge your information to anyone not connected to Ivy Venture Partners, we might with partners to facilitate investments.

To improve our company operations in the future, we use demographic data gathered from sources such your IP address and general data. In order to better understand your preferences when using our service, we also employ browser cookies. If you would like to stop using them, you can do so by changing the settings in your web browser.

To help with transactions with us and our partners, Ivy Venture Partners obtains from you non-public financial information. Our partners are required to adhere to stringent procedures regarding the protection of your information by pre-existing contracts with Ivy Venture Partners and industry standards.

We guarantee the confidentiality of your information by maintaining a secure system to protect it, conducting annual reviews, and continuously evaluating and improving our system. Your information is only accessible to those who have a legitimate need to know, and any transfer or sharing of your data is only done with your consent as the customer.

Although Ivy Venture Partners never sells your information to third parties, in extreme cases, regulators and law enforcement officials may be granted access to your information.